Annual Global Forum for Hospitality and Travel Industry startups and innovators,
showcasing the best, brightest and most inventive ways
to impact and disrupt the business status quo.







Winners of WCGF 2018 Startup Competition

Winner of Investors Choice Award - Howazit - Roy Weiner, Israel
Winner of First Prize - Eco Solutions - Suleyman Aliyev, Azerbaijan
Winner of Second Prize - Booklyng - Francesco Canzoniere, Spain & Gianluca Nerbini, Italy
Winner of Third Prize - Tripify - Sandro Chalagashvili, Georgia




Calling all innovators and entrepreneurs!

There is no such thing as a bad idea.
Just 10 years ago, three guys had an idea to rent out their mattresses to guests. Today, they have a multi-billion dollar company called AirBnB.
It is time for the disruptors of yesterday - Expedia, Uber, TripAdvisor and many others - to be upset by the anarchists of today.
Present your businesses, ideas and innovations to executives, potential collaborators, mentors and investors 
at the Welcome Challenge™ Global Forum.


The Welcome Challenge Global Forum features dynamic presentations from a jury-selected group of entrepreneurs and innovators. Solutions to current challenges, as well as game-changing concepts that will hugely impact the future of the industry, are presented and showcased. Attendees have the opportunity to meet and discuss specific products and concepts that can be developed for their businesses and companies.

The Forum opens with an international industry seminar from leading experts and managers who present examples of current and future challenges. Major case studies of businesses that have disrupted the industry will be examined and future impact will be determined.

Throughout the forum, multiple presentations from concept and product innovators are presented. Pitches from jury-selected participants are available for attendees to examine in private meetings.

For startup businesses, there are many opportunities to network, collaborate and do business with each other.

Outstanding industry professionals worldwide are invited as conference speakers and mentors. Their inspiring speeches and presentations aim to motivate and energize Forum participants.

Participating startups greatly benefit from the presence of hospitality industry's leading professionals who provide mentorship and guidance for startup projects.


7 Reasons to Participate in the Welcome Challenge™

Test your business ideas in front of leading industry experts and innovators

Find mentors and possible collaborators to take your idea to the next level

Win cash and other prizes

Meet potential investors who are attending the event in search of the next Unicorns

Hear the most innovative solutions to the current challenges in hospitality industry

Have fun during after-work dining, entertainment and nightlife

  and last but not least

Enjoy free accommodation, meals, entertainment and sightseeing during the forum

  if you are one of startups selected by the jury

Who can participate – startups and individual entrepreneurs who aspire to revolutionize the hospitality industry by developing technology-driven innovations, as well as experience-led concepts.

What types of projects are eligible – any innovative idea, method, technology or concept that offers solutions to challenges in various fields of the hospitality industry and its auxiliary areas, such as: Travel and Tourism, Accommodation, Entertainment and Recreation, Food and Beverage, Events Management; as well as supplies, technology, design, logistics and business models are welcome to participate in the Welcome Challenge™.

How to apply – for the convenience of applicants, and to make the selection of the startups easy and fair, Welcome Challenge™ has incorporated a well-known startup-registration and jury-evaluation platform, YouNoodle. This platform will guarantee a speedy and efficient evaluation of your project for pre-selection by an independent and super-qualified jury.

Application fee – application is free of charge via the YouNoodle platform.

Participation cost – thanks to a grant provided by the government of Georgia, 35 selected startups will attend the competition for FREE. From the moment of arrival at Tbilisi airport through the departure, all accommodation catering and participation in Welcome Challenge™ activities will be sponsored by the organizers, supported by the Georgian government's grant. All other startups willing to participate in the event will be provided with a special, discounted travel package by supporting airlines: Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Georgian Airways and other event-supporting airlines.

Who will judge – a jury of world travel industry experts, senior managers, leading innovators, entrepreneurs and investment professionals will evaluate startup projects based on their innovation, commercial feasibility and team potential. The list of jury members will be provided in due course.

Prizes – three prizes of, respectively, $10,000, $5,000, and $3,000, with various other cash and non-cash awards available from organizers and sponsors.

Location      Tbilisi,Georgia                                                                                    

Why Georgia?

Georgia’s hospitality industry has been growing by 30 to 40 percent annually; thus choosing its capital, Tbilisi, as the venue for a major hospitality industry forum is a no-brainer. Georgia is a top-recommended place to visit for any kind of event because of its ancient and distinct culture, great food, amazing wine and unbelievable hospitality.

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